Nerve Health Formula

Feeling nervous? Well, we all have at one point felt the sweaty palms, tightening of the stomach, weakened muscles, and all the other feelings that go along with extreme nervousness or anxiety. But this is not an odd occurrence, it is actually a way of life for some people. For some people, this thing called anxiety dominates everything. Medication don’t always work, but now there is a natural way to help calm these nerves. The Nerve Health Formula has been designed for people who suffer from nervousness. The Nerve Health Formula is a combination of herbs that help calm the body, and calms down the nervous system, which results in reduced nervousness.


Shake well before serving
Adults: 1 dropper per day
Children: Ages 6-12, 1/2 dropper per day

Ginseng, Valerian, Monatomic Proprietary Blend, USP Natural Vegetable Glyerin, Chamomile, Solomon’s Seal, Lady Slipper, Peppermint,Blessed Thistle, Natural Flavors